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We know how it is. You love wrestling. It's in your blood. You love talking about it, you love arguing about it and you sometimes hate it too. It frustrates you, it makes you wonder sometimes why you even bother watching it. People who tell you wrestling is fake and stupid are wrong. They have no idea what they're missing out on.

Guess what? We understand you. We're fans ourselves.

By giving us your email address, we promise to send you great quality wrestling articles directly into your inbox once a month. We'll only send you the best ones though, because we don't want you to read just any old wrestlecrap. We also have wrestling radio shows too. We'll send you those aswell.

We'll make sure you NEVER miss a thing, and even better, we'll never spam you and we will NEVER pass on your email address to anybody else. Everybody's got a price, for the Million Dollar Man. But not us.

So join us, and say YES! YES! YES! to great wrestling content. Just bolieve in us. Believe in TWM. Believe that.
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